4 Marketing Campaign Metrics Your Company Can’t Ignore

Being a successful marketer is more than bringing a creative mind to the table. The best in their class, from marketing assistant to CMO, have a solid understanding of these basic campaign metrics:

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro is the CEO of Hawthorne Advertising, an award winning technology-based advertising agency specializing in analytics and accountable brand campaigns for over 30-years. Hawthorne has a legacy of ad industry leadership by being a visionary in combining the art of right-brain creativity with the science of left-brain data analytics and neuroscience. Jessica’s role principally involves fostering long-standing client relationships with the company’s expansive base of Fortune 500 brands to develop highly strategic and measurable advertising campaigns, designed to ignite immediate consumer response. From strategy, creative and production to media and analytics, Jessica is committed to premium quality and innovation throughout all agency disciplines. You can find her at Hawthorne’s website: hawthorneadvertising.com, connect with her on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @hawthornecastro.