4 Event Check-In Followups

check markConference attendees stopped by, picked up the booth’s promotional doohickey and either talked to company representatives, left because the reps were busy or had some other reason for not buying on the spot. What now?

Friday’s Marketo Blog post provides four suggestions for how marketers can follow up, post-event, with everyone who checked in during the conference — and even those who didn’t. Here are the options:

  • Send a Trigger Email: One options are, according to Marketo, “Thanks so much for attending, we’re glad you made it!” or “We’re sorry we missed you, however you may enjoy one of our other upcoming events! Here they are … ”
  • Use the Event-goer’s Activity to Lead Score: Marketo suggests adding five points for event registration and 15 for actual attendance.
  • Suggest Sales Follow Up: “Conversion rates suffer dramatically the longer it takes for follow-up,” writes Marketo. “So make sure your sales team is alerted in real-time so that they can get the ball rollin’ as soon as possible!”
  • Make Sure the Event Is Attributed for Any Resulting Revenue: It justifies the cost of the expensive events.

How are marketers handling event follow-ups now?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.