4 Mobile Marketing Tips

For all brands to effectively reach their audience, targeting users on mobile phones or tablets is essential. More often than not, users access the internet on devices other than a desktop computer. In fact, the typical user who spends at least three hours a day on their mobile device is increasing at a rate of 11 percent year-over-year, according to a Pew Research Center study. The growth of mobile in the past few years is unquestionable, and now marketers are finally on par with the platform’s significant presence.

Whether consumers are on their favorite social media platform or shopping online, innovations within mobile marketing are allowing B-to-B and B-to-C companies to target users on-the-go. For brands looking to enhance their mobile presence, consider integrating the following initiatives into any mobile marketing strategy and overall business plan to see substantial increases in your return on investment:

Instagram is a top social media platform preferred by users across the world. What makes this visually engaging platform different from Facebook and/or LinkedIn is that the majority of Instagram’s visitors are on their smartphone or tablet when accessing it. In fact, most users (and businesses) consider it a mobile social network.

Instagram has recently started offering advertising options for all brands, making it a viable option for B-to-C organizations interested in selling their products online or generating brand awareness. For B-to-B companies with a prominent audience on the platform, it can also be an excellent fit, especially for those looking to enhance brand recognition or drive conversions. Visually, advertisements mirror the look and feel of organic posts, instilling a sense of credibility and trust with users as they scroll through their Instagram feed.

Direct response ads on Instagram are an effective and excellent tool for lifestyle and consumer product goods brands. Each post includes a compelling call to action, whether it’s “Buy Now” or “Learn More” or “Install,” and takes the user directly to a point of conversion. Direct buys have a strong correlation to increased sales because it makes the process as seamless as possible for users and helps facilitate conversions.

Gabriel Shaoolian is the CEO and founder of New York-based Blue Fountain Media, a digital agency focused on generating qualified leads, increasing sales and expanding brand recognition for clients online.