4 Ways Database Marketing Rescues Direct Mail

It’s no secret among direct marketers that direct mail has been having its struggles, with production and postage costs going up while response rates sink because of prospects becoming less consumerist than in any time in our recent history as a country.

For those reasons, database marketing is becoming increasingly popular among any company that uses direct mail. “The return on investment can be very easily realized and demonstrated when direct mail is conducted leveraging the key components of database marketing (strategy, strong marketing database, reporting, advanced analytics and campaign management),” explains Devyani Sadh, Ph.D., CEO, founder and head of client relations of Data Square.

Database marketing can solve the direct marketer’s costs-rising nightmare, says Pegg Nadler, vice president of database marketing at Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. “The latest postal hike only reinforces the need to utilize database marketing effectively to reduce mail quantities while increasing response rates,” she says.

Here are four specific points to know about database marketing—including why (and how) it can help change the fate of direct mail, immediately.

“The difficult economy means that direct mailers must be even smarter about who, when and how often they mail, and what offer they make,” asserts Schmitt. “Investments in database marketing should do exactly that and deliver measurable, ROI-based results that will satisfy even the most skeptical chief finance officer.”

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