How to Prevent an Email Campaign Epic Fail

If you want to meet people at a fancy cocktail party, you don’t come wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip-flops. People will either ignore you or have you physically removed. Email marketing campaigns without best practices risk the same sorry result, and become a marketing disaster. You dress your email up in a Panama hat, send it to the crowd you thought might work, and realize too late that it crashed the wrong party. Now that’s embarrassing.

Here are the five best practices you should employ to make your email campaign turn heads—in a good way.

When you code your design, remember that, when it comes to email, basic HTML is your best friend. For some Web-based email services, CSS is not in the dress code, and will be disabled when your email hits the inbox. Make sure you use tables as your framework and nest appropriately when padding and margin are needed. Not every email client can handle inline styles to allow for margin or padding. You can add CSS and do things that allow email clients like Apple Mail to render a beautiful email, but don’t punish Outlook users.

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