5 Breakthrough Email Campaigns, Part 1

Email marketers are always looking for ways to drive more value from their email programs. One effective way to get new ideas is by reviewing best-in-class campaigns from other companies.

In this two-part series, I’ll take a closer look at the top five campaigns recently called out in StrongMail’s Email Breakthrough Report Q409. The quarterly report is designed to help marketers optimize their email programs by showcasing campaigns that break through the consumer consciousness and lead the way toward the next level of email communications.

The report identifies five top trends that marketers should consider for their own email programs. Here, in part one of this series, I’ll discuss two trends: leverging customer data, and keeping email messages clear and simple. In part two, which will appear in the June 3 editon of eM+C Weekly, I’ll wrap up the series with the remaining three trends: leveraging time-sensitive promotions; clear call to actions; and social media integration.

Going.com: Leveraging your customer data
The report identified many tactics, ranging from integrating personalized and user-generated content to geo-targeting special offers based on users’ locations. Providing subscribers with the most relevant email experiences increases engagement levels for current and future email communications and helps reduce opt-outs.

In the first example, Going.com’s “Weekend Update” campaign highlighted local entertainment, nightlife, concerts and things to do across 30 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. Here are two reasons why the campaign worked:

  • Dynamic personalized headers. Going.com personalized the top of every newsletter with the member’s photo or avatar, along with a summary of their account, including how many messages, event invitations and friend requests they have waiting for them in the community. This effective use of dynamic content helps make every email relevant to recipients, while simultaneously driving traffic back to Going.com.
  • User-generated content. Members are encouraged to vote for cool events by clicking a prominent “Like It” button under each event listing. Each listing also includes the number of comments posted about an event and a “Buzz Factor,” so members can quickly see which events are the most popular in the community. Everything in the newsletter is ranked based on votes from community members, extending the interactive community experience into subscribers’ inboxes.