5 Considerations for a Global Texting Campaign

pull textingSMS messaging — or more simply put, text messaging — continues to be a growing marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. There are a lot of reasons why texting continues to rise in popularity. With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone, there’s a good chance your customer base has one in their purses or pockets at all times. And they probably aren’t just using these phones to make calls, as texting has become the most popular use of mobile phones.

And there’s more. Want customers to read your message? Research shows that 98 percent of all text messages are opened, compared to just 20 percent of email messages.

But this doesn’t mean that a global texting campaign is right for all businesses all of the time. Texting is similar to many other marketing channels. Before launching a campaign, it’s important to think through your audience’s needs and preferences to determine if texting is the right strategy to add to your marketing mix.

Here are five questions to ask yourself as you consider launching a texting campaign:

  • Texting campaigns can bring awareness to causes your business supports. For instance, if your business partners with an organization to end domestic violence and sexual assault, you can run a 30-second PSA during the Super Bowl to help viewers use text messaging to connect with the cause and speak up against domestic violence. (We did.)

Jack Ukropina is the marketing director at mGage. Reach him at jukropina@mgage.com.