5 Customer Experience Blunders Hindering Customer Loyalty

Customer ExperienceThe challenge today is the complexity involved in creating positive customer experiences. Messaging email, mobile, branding, loyalty programs — the number of ways marketing can impact customers’ view of a company can be overwhelming! Companies getting it right have the ability to give each customer a voice, and to create unique customer experiences as part of a customized journey to increase engagement and drive sales.

But, most companies are still struggling to break through all of the noise and make a meaningful connection with customers. A recent study from IBM and Econsultancy found a giant disconnect between how well businesses think they are marketing and the customer’s actual experience. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid in order to develop customer loyalty and boost the bottom line:

1) Not Recognizing the Customer: In order to have a meaningful relationship with anyone, no matter whether it’s in business or in life, each party needs to have an understanding of who the other is as a person. This applies to customers. In the past, marketers had to build broad categories in order to create customer segments for campaigns. Today, the rapid growth of customer interaction data and advanced analytics has converged to make personalized marketing a reality. And, marketers are taking personalization even further by delivering customer communications that take into account real-time behavior, interests, and preferences. To deliver on this level of personalization, businesses must truly understand the customer and discover his or her unique set of likes, dislikes, and preferences. A smart company will spend time and energy to find out who the customer is as an individual and leverage those behaviors to serve the customer better.

2) Not Smashing Company Silos: One of the biggest roadblocks in creating a personalized customer experience is the maze created by the various silos that exist within a company. The customer doesn’t care about the various divisions that exist within a company. Rather, he or she sees the company as one single entity. According to the IBM/Econsultancy study, only 34 percent of marketers said they do a good job of linking their online and offline customer experiences. Companies need to make sure that all divisions are working in harmony to serve the customer no matter the touchpoint.

David Trice is co-founder and CEO of ENGAGE.cx., the leading experience-driven CRM for enterprise. Prior to launching ENGAGE.cx, Trice was VP of CRM at Oracle, where he led the launch of Oracle’s Fusion CRM.
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