5 Myths About Promotion on YouTube

YouTube logoAdvertising is everywhere. And honestly, people have gotten used to it. They still hate it, but besides adblocker, they can’t do anything about it. However, one kind of audience has grown to appear to like the integration of brands into their favorite content. These are the people of YouTube.

They understand that their favorite channel and its owner are relying on the advertisements as a primary source of profit and accept it as long as it’s not very straightforward. This fact makes YouTube a perfect platform for advertising. But a few stereotypes still frighten some brands or encourage them to make poor choices when it comes to integrating their products into opinion leaders’ videos.

So what are the most common myths about YouTube advertising?

My Brand Doesn’t Have Any Customers on YouTube

This simply can’t be true, except if you’re producing fuel for alien spaceships. And even then, you can’t be entirely sure that they don’t have a favorite YouTube show. The platform has more than a billion users (almost a third of all Internet users). YouTube has launched local versions in 88 countries and can be navigated in 76 languages. Note that these numbers are getting bigger every year. Be sure that your target audience is definitely present among those people.

The More Subscribers, the Better

A large number of subscribers is very important, but one should always remember that when it comes to advertising, quality is better than quantity. While a channel has millions of viewers, your target audience may be represented by only a few percent. Also, a part of the channels might be fake, or “dead” accounts, with no activity or people behind them. We think a proper channel should have a 2:1 ratio of subscribers to views. For example, if there are 100,000 subscribers, than 50,000 to 60,000 of views per video are good. This is not always true for the new channels after some changes to YouTube were made.

Product Placement on YouTube Is Time-consuming

This one actually was true until influencer marketing services were introduced. It takes a ton of time to find the suitable YouTube channels with your type of audience. Afterward, you have to contact their owners, negotiate the terms of a deal and keep track of every video with your product.

It’s Better to Make Full Videos About Your Product

Sometimes it is, yes. But every brand or product has its unique qualities or values and needs an individual approach. There are multiple ways to promote your product on screen. Sometimes a simple placement is a perfect choice, but in other situations, it’s much more effective when a vlogger mentions the brand directly in a video. The type of integration depends on the product and the style of a selected YouTube channel.

Product Placement Is Way Too Expensive

The price of the placement is based on its type and the channel you choose. Of course, top vloggers with tens of millions of subscribers are expensive, but remember — quality over quantity. Once you find a channel with a high concentration of your audience, talk to its owner about the possibilities of promotion and its cost. Usually, they are pretty flexible, and you will quickly find a compromise.

As you see, there’s nothing to worry about. YouTube is full of your target audience members who are waiting to learn more about your brand, product or service.

Anton Krivnev is CMO at ADSvideo. Reach him at anton@adsvideo.com.