A 5-Step Approach to Managing Holiday Search Campaigns

Holiday search campaigns already should be paying dividends, but yours may not be paying off as much as it can be. So below, I offer five steps to help you double-check your efforts for potential oversights.

With paid and natural search programs in place pushing consumers to your site with relevant offers, keep in mind that driving traffic to your site is only half the battle. Next, leverage resources to maximize conversion while you have consumers’ attention.

Optimized landing pages, for example, are one of the most important factors of your on-site experience to improve conversions. Every landing page employed in your search campaigns should address at least the following four visitor considerations:

  • Relevance: Is this what I asked for?
  • Value: Why am I here and not somewhere else?
  • Entry point: Where should I start?
  • Difficulty: How easy will this be?

Craig Greenfield is the vice president of search and performance media for Chicago-based Performics, the performance marketing division of the Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi Nerve Center. Reach Craig at craig.greenfield@performics.com.

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