5 Tips for Happier Mobile Marketing

heart drawn on the palms of a womanIf you think building a mobile channel starts and ends with developing a new app, think again. Driving successful mobile sales is a long-term relationship. Here are five tips to help marketers kindle the romance and keep customers coming back:

  • Anyone who has taken the time to download your app is likely to be one of your most engaged customers, and those most active in your app are likely to be particularly high-value. Treat your app users as a special segment and take full advantage of having an additional communication channel with this group. Build your CRM system to keep track of mobile customers.

These customers may have very different profiles than physical or PC shoppers, and it’s vital to use the deeper level of data you can gather to best understand their needs. This can help to improve personalization — not only on mobile, but across all platforms. Understanding the characteristics of heavy app users may also help you create look-alike models that can help you target non-users with similar profiles in your wider customer base to drive further installs to get others into your app.

Paul Dolan is the general manager of Light Reaction, the mobile-first programmatic performance business launched out of Xaxis. Reach him at paul.dolan@lightreaction.com.

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