5 Tips for Painless Customer Preference Management

Managing customer preferences can be a delicate balancing act. It can seem like an arduous task, but ultimately the work will pay off: Your customers will thank you and that gratitude will eventually show up in tangible measures of increased customer loyalty, spending and revenues. Here are five best practices marketers should consider when collecting and managing their customers’ preferences:

Define how opts will cascade between and across categories over time so that you can present consistent views of permissions. As example, if you offer opt ins and outs at a brand level, are you inferring that those preferences will cascade to all communications that are tied to the brand (e.g., newsletter, loyalty program, etc.)?

Define a standard way of reconciling preferences and communicate those standards to all internal stakeholders. Note: Your standards don’t have to be entirely rigid; you can create some flexibility in the model. You should develop both a conservative and an aggressive position on whether or not someone has opted in to a particular communication and/or channel. Some business units may want to take a more conservative approach while others might want to be more aggressive and maximize their audience. You can apply this kind of flexibility to a solution, but always consider how it will be received by your customer base.

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