5 Tips for Using Live Engagement Tools to Boost Sales, Improve Service Online

Most online retailers understand the significant value of interacting with website visitors via live chat. After all, visitors who engage with an e-sales representative are three times more likely to convert to a sale. They typically place higher-value orders as well. What may be less obvious to online retailers are the numerous ways in which live engagements can be further optimized. Multimedia platforms designed to address customer service needs can help effectively gather valuable information and personalize interactions between retailers and consumers, leading to higher conversion rates.

Here are five ways retailers can use real-time multimedia collaboration to improve their results online:

Live engagement tools provide e-businesses with the opportunity to listen in to what customers and prospects are saying about their buying intentions. Retailers can use this feedback to optimize their marketing activities, including pay-per-click campaigns, search engine marketing and banner ad campaigns. This begins with listening to consumers. For example, what terms are visitors using to describe the products they want or have questions about? What questions do they have?

Besides addressing client and customer questions, multimedia sessions can serve as virtual focus groups for a marketing team, enabling it to ascertain the interest and characteristics of likely buyers.

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