5 Tools to Squash Content Marketing Problems

Content optionsGoogle “content marketing tools,” then sit back and let the pages upon pages of search engine results wash over you, offering everything from paid ads to articles and listicles with headlines such as “50 Tools to Kickoff Your Content Marketing” and “The Ultimate List of the Best Content Marketing Tools Ever, No Really.” It can be a little overwhelming, but yes, there is a tool for every content marketing issue you may have, and in some cases, there are five.

But maybe you think, “I don’t need tools! I know what I’m doing!” And if that’s the case, perhaps you should stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and shout-read your content to the void. Because it’s about as effective.

“Content marketing without tools is like Laurel without Hardy,” proclaimed Ian Cleary, CEO and founder of RazorSocial. During the Content Marketing World 2015 conference, Cleary shared his presentation, “15 Essential Tools to Optimize Your Content Marketing.” Here are five of the 15 tools he highlighted, and the problems they can squash for content marketers.

An influencer management platform, Traackr makes it simple: The tool discovers a user’s influencers, gives insights to help nurture these relationships — such as how to involve your influencers in content creation — and provides metrics.

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