6 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Email Acquisition and Retention Efforts

A great way to integrate social media into your overall digital marketing mix is to introduce it into your existing email marketing acquisition and retention efforts. To establish a natural synergy and ongoing connection between the two channels, there are six basic things you should do. They include the following:

1. Have a social media channel opt-in. Include an email opt-in form where possible on the main page of your various social media channels. When it’s not possible, promote email acquisition through a graphic or prominent line of copy linking to a dedicated opt-in landing page.

2. Have a call-center script opt-in. When asking for an email opt-in, conclude the call with an informative statement explaining your brand’s social media options — regardless of whether the person opts in or not. Something as simple as, “Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter,” will likely make a noticeable impact. Just be sure your call-center team is well-versed on social media and your brand’s options.

3. Have a website opt-in. One of the easiest things you can do is introduce your brand’s social media options on an opt-in confirmation web page, such as “You are now subscribed. Become a fan and view updates on the following social networks.” Then include logos with links to each channel. Repeat the same approach if you have a preference center as well.

4. Use transactional messages to promote email acquisition to nonsubscribers.
This is a commonly missed opportunity in transactional messages. Definitely make it a priority, and while you’re at it, be sure to promote your social media channels as well. Whether a graphic promotion or basic line of copy, this is a great chance to convert a known customer into one of your communication channels.

5. Promote your social media channels with a win-back campaign. If you have an existing win-back campaign in place — or plan to create one — make sure to educate your customers on your social media channels as well. Promotional content stating something like, “Did you know … ” can quickly communicate alternate ways to stay connected that are more convenient and better suited to your customers’ current needs, thus saving customers who might not otherwise respond to email-only win-back efforts.

6. Offer website opt-out.
Though we never want to see anyone opt out, that doesn’t mean customers have to be lost. Just like in the website opt-in recommendation, be sure to promote other “great ways to stay in touch” via your social media channels.

Once you’ve implemented these recommendations, you’ll have taken a large step forward in ensuring ongoing cohesion across the two channels.

It’s very likely that as both the email and social media channels evolve, additional opportunities for crossover will increase. Looking ahead as marketers, you should expect your customers to experiment with different channels until they find the right mix to best support their interests in your brands.

It’s critical you get a head start and make sure both your email and social media channels are integrated and complement the other in order to minimize any missed opportunities to keep the conversation going with your best customers.

Julian S. Scott is partner, creative at Shaw + Scott, an email and multichannel marketing agency. Reach Julian at jscott@shawscott.com or via Twitter.

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