A Resolution to Unsubscribe?

Raise your hand if you’ve spent the first part of 2012 unsubscribing from email programs that you don’t remember joining or don’t want to receive now that you’re done with holiday shopping. Yes, my hand is raised too. Like cleaning out a closet or beginning a diet, there’s something about the start of a new year that compels many of us to reduce, reorganize and reconsider, even when it comes to our email inbox.

As consumers become more selective about the brands they want to hear from this year, here are some tips to ensure that your emails stay solidly positioned among the chosen few that make the cut.
It can be tough to discover that subscribers no longer wish to participate in your email program. Do all you can to maintain the relationship and make it better for the subscriber, but also recognize that if the relationship isn’t salvageable, you’ve got to bow out gracefully. For instance, provide a preference center that lets subscribers manage their subscription parameters and frequency cadence. But when unsubscribing is the only viable option, honor it. Sometimes when you set the subscriber you love free they realize what they’re missing and come back to you.

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