AddShoppers Releases Social Media Analytics Technology

Company: AddShoppers, an open social-sharing platform built for retailers

Product/Service: Social Promo Callouts, a new social commerce platform that tracks the return on investment of social media traffic and significantly increases product sharing

What it Does: If a retailer chooses to offer a coupon for sharing, for example, their customers are alerted by a callout tag that displays the applicable discount next to the sharing button of choice. After a customer shares, their friends can click through to view the product and share for their own discount. Retailers can now put a dollar amount to all types of social sharing by being able to identify which social networks are driving the most sales. In addition, you can analyze demographics at a product level. For example, Product A might be more popular among males aged 25-34 on Twitter while Product B is shared more on Facebook by females aged 35-45.

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