8 Advanced Email Personalization Tips

Email personalization is not a new concept; marketers have included basic personalized data in emails for more than a decade. However, new tactics and technologies allow marketers to introduce personalization on a different level in order to give consumers a more relevant and lasting brand experience.

These eight best practices offer advice on how to drive revenue and retention through personalization.

Triggered email communications are frequently used by companies to thank customers for signing up for the site or for making a purchase. While these messages are expected by the consumer, they are mainly courtesies and not intended to drive additional revenue. However, personalized messages based on real-time behaviors can be quite impactful. Using the real-time site monitor data, savvy marketers are setting up automatic messages to go out while a visitor is exploring a certain area of content. Even if the visitor receives it minutes after leaving the site, it does help the brand to stick in their mind. Personalization should also be included in standard messages, such as shipment confirmations, where companies can suggest additional products or services, perhaps at a discount.

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