AmFam Responds — Here’s Why Dream Dad Wins

On Tuesday, Target Marketing ran a story about why a video ad from American Family Insurance went viral. The same day, after sending a note saying “The story looks nicely put together,” AmFam elaborated on why the video went viral.

(As of Tuesday afternoon, “Dad Insurance for Fearless Dreams” that AmFam posted on YouTube on June 15 had more than 4.5 million views.)

An AmFam spokeswoman said on Tuesday:

  • Response from consumers has been tremendous.
  • We launched ‘Dad Insurance for Fearless Dreams’ exclusively on digital channels. When you do that, you’re looking to earn eyeballs on the merit of your message, and the short film did exactly that.
  • We believe the film taps into the role dads often play: Using their experience to get their children prepared for a life of dream pursuit.
  • It’s similar to how we see insurance featuring into our customers’ lives. We understand that you need to carefully [ensure] what you’ve already achieved so you can pursue your next dream fearlessly.

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.