An Amazon Bot Is Cranking Out Custom Smartphone Cases and, Boy, Are They Terrible

[Editor’s note: Sometimes, it may seem to marketers as though Amazon is taking over e-commerce. But not all of its offerings are top-line. Here’s a humorous look at what else the e-tail giant offers consumers.]

Not every Amazon innovation is a winner. While this particular tech isn’t truly Amazon’s fault, it is using Amazon as its stage. According to Digital Trends, an Amazon bot called My Handy Design is creating smartphone cases for purchase from existing online images.

If you think about the wide array of images online, you can imagine how ridiculous some of these smartphone cases can get. Currently, My Handy Design offers more than 20 pages of these smartphones at a price point of $23.70.

Some of the Internet’s favorites include the “Porcelain teeth – dental bridge” case:

The “Toilet Paper Tube Collection” case:

And, of course, the “House wall installation” option:

Who knows if this is an amazing joke, odd art project or business venture, but we’re certainly enjoying watching all these designs unfold to the masses.

Several NSFW cases have popped up as well, so who knows how long it will be until Amazon shuts the mayhem down.

As with anything else, letting the Internet randomly pick a design for a new product can end amazingly. But chances are, you’ll wind up with pictures of dentures and toilet paper rolls.

That being said, maybe this proves that the public is ready for more outlandish smartphone case designs. What do you think?

Hannah Abrams is the senior content editor for Promo Marketing. In her free time, she enjoys coming up with excuses to avoid exercise, visiting her hometown in Los Angeles and rallying for Leonardo DiCaprio to win his first second Academy Award. 

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