The Art of Capitalizing on Google’s ‘Micro-Moments’

Mobile Marketing to Inspire EngagementThe days of ‘Must Watch TV’ are over. The captivated audiences of yesteryear no longer exist.

Mobile is changing the way we live. Our days are hectic and broken into mere moments. We have no patience for more than 140 characters, let alone a 60-second commercial. Marketing must be useful at the exact moment we need it.

Google refers to these critical minutes as ‘Micro-Moments.’ In moments, consumers explore where to find products, evaluate whether they are worth it, and even uncover how to use them.

According to Google, 82 percent of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a buying decision while in a store, helping to determine the final product selection even at the very last moment.

We also pursue big goals in small moments, like planning a vacation. According to Google, 69 percent of consumers search for travel ideas during spare moments. Say, standing in line for a sandwich. Then, nearly half of those consumers book their travel through a separate channel. We are these consumers. We search on our phone, then hop on a desktop at work, and then jump on an iPad at night.

In order to attract and retain customers, businesses need to be timely and relevant at each moment people look for or interact with your products or services.

A customer’s journey to your doorstep or online cart can be a long, winding road. The two-step sales funnel doesn’t exist. There are instead many ‘Micro-Moments.’

Elizabeth Cagen is director of strategy and operations at Boston-based marketing, branding and design agency Stratabeat.