Benefiting From Sophisticated Lead Exchanges

BtoB Magazine recently revealed that in 2013, most U.S. B-to-B marketers (60 percent) identified generating more leads as their top challenge. In fact, the challenges of generating more leads or high-quality leads have been widely discussed in recent months. However, one of the underlying reasons for marketers not being able to generate a larger amount of high-quality leads isn’t talked about as frequently: The inefficiencies of the lead generation industry that are hindering marketers from increasing sales.

Many publishers, buyers and lead generation companies are frequently “reinventing the wheel” by finding new ways to do the same things — connect buyers, build out campaigns and lead generation forms, set up ping trees, etc. After all, 80 percent of lead generation comes down to technology. Currently, the lead gen industry is very inefficient. Too many marketers are too busy fine-tuning labor- and time-intensive technical processes rather than focusing on marketing strategies. A great solution to solving these inefficiencies is to transfer all technical integration and administration to a lead exchange.

Many people are skeptical of lead exchanges because there are few successful examples, and many companies have failed at providing a well functioning, sustainable lead exchange. Nevertheless, an aggregated business model as offered by a lead exchange is much more efficient and beneficial to the lead gen industry because it can take care of tiring technical and administrative hassles.

What exactly are the benefits of Lead Exchanges? Consider the following:

  • Although there will always be direct contact between buyers and publishers, lead exchanges have a place in the industry by functioning almost as department stores. They offer large volumes and types of “products” that come with guarantees, assistance and customer support. Lead exchanges can also offer content, reviews and profiles that allow lead exchange participants to get a better idea of who they’re trading leads with.

Frans Van Hulle is the CEO of ReviMedia, an online lead generation company.

Frans van Hulle co-founded PX, the world’s first transparent customer acquisition platform that provides a single marketplace for companies to acquire customers from hundreds of vetted and sought-after sources. The company provides a mar tech solution for marketers to grow and efficiently scale their customer base, and is active in the Home Services, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.

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