Best Egg Counts on Benefits in Its Mail to Attract Prospects

Benefits have a lot of power to persuade prospects to act, as this direct mail piece shows.

Mailer Name: Best Egg
Date Mailed: June 2016

best-egg-paul_01Beginning with the front of its #10 carrier envelope, this lender highlights the features of its personal loan offer.

The biggest one appears just above the address window. Thanks to its affinity relationship with JetBlue Airways, the rewards club member can earn up to 50,000 points. Four bullet points to the right spell out additional terms of the offer. The back of the envelope entices the customer with a promise of a response in “as little as 24 hours.”

Next, the 1-page letter inside begins by asking the customer to envision a goal. “Imagine seeing a $0 balance on your next credit card or debt statement” it reads. For each of the results of the loan, it provides a bullet-pointed breakdown of its benefits. For example, a $0 credit card balance means “peace of mind … that you’re financially on track.”

Finally, the customer can respond by completing and mailing the perfed reply form, or by phone or online.

best-egg-paul_02To prod hesitant borrowers, a buck slip included in the mail package reminds them of why they should answer. One side restates the JetBlue points premium offer. The other uses a chart to illustrate the cost difference between sample card rates and balances, and the personal loan.

The Takeaway

Remind your prospects of how much they can gain, financially and emotionally, when they take your offer.

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