Spruce It Up


Direct marketers are incrementalists. We know what works, and we test our controls against various creative and offer permutations to improve results and come up with a winning formula. This disciplined approach has served us well.

However, unless you find that breakthrough creative or offer, you may be stuck making incremental changes to your marketing program. In addition, your communications and testing may be based on controls established years ago.

It’s time to think big and outside the box—at least with your e-mail program. Of course, e-mail makes it easy to test, so you still can be an incrementalist if you wish to apply rigid testing procedures. Alternatively, you can make some wholesale changes to the way 
you communicate.

Here are some ideas to think about to revitalize your 
e-mail program.

Your e-mail communications need to have a consistent look and feel. But that does not mean you are locked in to one format. Your designers should develop your basic template along with variations such as a postcard, two-column designs with the smaller column on both the right and left, and a longer form design. For example, a discount or sale template, a product template (for both one product and multiple products), a newsletter with a table of contents, and more.

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