The Bigger Picture: Integrating Social Media Insights Into Your Marketing Strategy

Social ROISocial media has emerged as an integral component of brand marketing. But there’s still one major issue: The social channel is often viewed as a standalone tactic that sits apart from the brand’s larger marketing strategy. In other words, marketers are still using “social for social,” vs. social for marketing.

Because of this, many marketers never go beyond surface measurements, such as followers and engagement, to uncover the bigger picture. Nor do they tie these efforts to broader marketing and business goals, and opportunities are being left on the table. A robust, socially integrated marketing strategy can inspire consumers to take action and lead to real, measurable revenue results for brands.

Thanks to Google, searching for content and uncovering the right results has become second-nature. Advanced algorithms analyze website content to ensure search results yield only the most relevant information available based on a highly categorized, complete set of information.

The same cannot be said for social media searches. Vast amounts of social information paired with very basic search capabilities make it nearly impossible for marketers to identify relevant topics. It takes more than a simple keyword search within Twitter or Facebook to uncover deeper, more meaningful insights about everything from customers’ personal interests to purchasing behavior and intent.

Marketers need real-time search capabilities that can unearth relevant consumer-generated content and the insights it provides, just as Google does for Web searches. Without an ability to find timely social information and data, marketers are at a disadvantage from being less informed and less equipped.

Jordan Slabaugh is VP of marketing at Denver-based social media marketing software provider Wayin.