Study Finds People ‘Like’ to ‘Share’ on Facebook

People sure do like sharing. A new study from BrightEdge, a search engine optimization management platform, found that since the launch of the “Like” and “Share” buttons on Faceboook, links to the front pages of the 1,000 most trafficked websites have been liked, linked and shared on the social media site more than 65 million times.

Twenty-five percent of the top 1,000 most trafficked websites have adopted social plug-ins. The like button, which allows users to share pages from any given site to their Facebook page, is the most popular of these plug-ins. The “Like Box,” which enables users to like a brand’s Facebook page and view its Facebook stream from that brand’s website, is the second most popular plug-in, followed by the “Activity Feed” and “Recommendations” plug-ins. Rounding out the top five is the “Login Button,” which shows profile pictures of a user’s friends that have already signed up for a site.

“Very few features have achieved the massive scale of adoption that Facebook like and share buttons now see across the internet,” said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge, in a company press release. “The usage of these buttons is unprecedented in the history of the web.”

The report also states that Facebook plug-ins now offer increased insight into user behaviors, which is rapidly turning Facebook from a social graph of personal connections to an interest graph that reflects user interests, opinions, wants and needs.

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