Buzzwords Kill Kittens

Why? Just “Why?” Target Marketing blogger Stephen H. Yu says don’t hire data professionals who use too many buzzwords, because they probably don’t know what they’re doing. Knowledge Marketing nominates “10 Industry Buzzwords That Should Die.” And yet marketers persist.

What is it about these buzzwords that speak to the marketer’s soul?

Marketers use emotion to get consumers to buy products and services, so it may stand to reason that marketers use the language among themselves. Buzzwords, after all, tap into emotional centers in the right brain, says Harvard Business School professor Nancy Koehn in a 2014 article in the Atlantic.

In male-dominated offices especially, Koehn says, the emphasis of buzzwords is on sports analogies of teamwork and winning.

Words like “vision,” “values,” “passion” and “purpose” that used to be the realm of nonprofits and religious organizations can, in the hands of corporations, get worker bees to hand over their lives to their careers, she says.

In the spirit of this dispiriting reasoning, Jenn Dellwo writes on Dec. 7 for Knowledge Marketing that marketers should rid their vocabularies of the following words:

  • TL;DR. [Author’s note: “Too long; didn’t read.” Sigh. Just admit that you’re lazy.]

What do you think, marketers? Do you have other marketing jargon to nominate? Why should it die?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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