Playing Keep Up


The ever-shifting landscape of search marketing can create unexpected obstacles if marketers don’t stay on top of the latest industry developments and consider how these changes can affect their campaigns. The search engines already have announced a number of big changes for 2010. Here are the ones that are sure to affect your campaigns and what you can do now to stay ahead of the competition.

Last summer, Google launched a beta version of its newest organic search algorithm, code-named “Caffeine.” While the official release date isn’t expected until later in 2010, Web developers have had access to a beta preview for months, providing them with some insight into how Google’s new search engine will affect marketing campaigns.

Caffeine most likely will result in a significant change to quality score calculations. There is speculation that it will place more emphasis on keyword relevance, long-tail keywords, page loading times, inbound linking quality and content.

What can you do to make sure you’re prepared:

  • Google is going to ramp up indexing, which means newer content will show up sooner. Real-time search results will be included, as well as more frequently updated new stories to provide users with the most current variety of information. Marketers should plan to update their sites even more frequently and create a steady stream of new pages to take advantage.
  • Google’s Caffeine has been praised for its speed, which some estimate to be twice as fast as the older version. To compete in Google’s newly caffeinated world, marketers should make sure their sites’ loading times aren’t lagging.
  • Google’s new algorithm relies more heavily on keyword strings, as opposed to single keywords, to produce better results. So search engine optimization content has to be on the dot.

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