#CaitlynJenner Breaks the Internet, Becomes a Brand

Caitlyn Jenner

In the era when individuals can brand themselves, very few have successfully done it twice. Caitlyn Jenner did it a third time on Monday. With only two tweets from @Caitlyn_Jenner after noon on Monday, Jenner put sports-turned-reality-TV star Bruce to rest as his photo as a glamorous woman appeared on the Vanity Fair cover. The “Call me Caitlyn” cover and the individual behind it became the top Twitter trend around the country. Below the #CaitlynJenner trend, Twitter writes, “Vanity Fair scores a viral coup with Caitlyn Jenner’s bold debut.”

Whether they were embracing the new Jenner or reacting to the two previous brands, there was no shortage of opinions. Target Marketing only found one location — Norfolk, Va. — where #CaitlynJenner wasn’t the top trend — instead, it was “Bruce.” The trend reached all the way to Scotland, where @imkylenotliam offers this opinion:

In a Twitter conversation, he says he thinks Jenner’s magazine cover choice is a “marketing ploy” that will keep Jenner in the public eye as a product, much like the Kardashians are — of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame.

But PerezHilton.com must’ve heard the same murmurings.

“Sources close to Caitlyn revealed that the spelling of her name is made to separate herself from the Kardashian brand and to be her own person,” according to the site.

So once again, an individual is discussed as a brand. In 2013, this brand discussion centered around Miley Cyrus perhaps trying to separate her adult brand from her childhood fame. In 2008, at DMA08, TV star Ty Pennington’s keynote included this comment: “Wow. Just being here is strange for me; the fact that I’m Ty Pennington the person talking about Ty Pennington the brand.”

Circling back to Jenner, does this sound like an introduction to a third brand?

What sort of marketing will surround Jenner’s new brand? How much will be related to public service?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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