Carousel30 Agency Spotlight

Target Marketing spoke with Greg Kihlström, Founder and CEO of Carousel30, a Washington, D.C.-based digital agency that specializes in Web design, branding and marketing.

What makes you famous?
We’ve helped grow several organizations and campaigns from the ground up. One of our biggest successes has been growing the Trust for the National Mall from an unknown two-person organization into a multimillion-dollar fundraising organization who partners with VW, HBO, Boeing, American Express and others. We most famously raised $500,000 in 30 days for them through a Comedy Central collaboration, which helped put them on the map.

What are the most important trends you see in interactive advertising today?
Brands as publishers continue to be the most important thing we’re seeing, as well as the continued importance placed on quality and consistency of content over gimmicks and fads is something that is not going away. We see evidence every day that brands who invest in a long-term, branded content strategy are winning over those who are focused on the short game.

Howard University website

What’s been your biggest hit of the past year?
We recently launched the new Howard University website, which is the first phase of several for this historic school. From the onset, starting with the homepage, we needed to tell a story of how the school, while rooted in its past, is also an institution with a clear focus on the future. Through images and animation, we have begun to tell that story, and this will continue to be told.

What’s your most important takeaway for marketers?
Remember to rise above trends and tactics. Strategy and process are the things which make everything we do easier because they are the guidelines by which we can judge if anything we are doing is “worth doing.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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