Chase’s Email Offers Travel Incentives to Hotel Customers

When you want to deepen your relationship with your customers, why not use email to offer more of what they love you for?

Mailer Name: Chase Bank
Date Emailed: February 3, 2016

chasetopemRitz-Carlton, the luxury hotel chain, emails offers for a variety of products and services to members of its rewards club. Thanks to the company’s affinity deal with Chase Bank, it reaches out to them here with another opportunity. “Enjoy two nights of escape with The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card” reads the subject line.

To help the customer associate more travel with the card, a large photo sits atop the HTML. “Remarkable rewards have arrived” reads its headline in allcaps, against a beach scene. The rewards member can immediately click or tap on the call to action button to apply for the card. Or, she can check out the links right below it first.

chasenextemInstead of taking either of those options, they can also scroll down for more information in the paragraphs below. They lay out some of the terms of the offer. In order to get the 2 free nights, the copy explains, the member must spend $4,000 first.

Three additional bullet-pointed benefits appear as well. Each focuses on how one’s Ritz-Carlton loyalty membership improves after accepting and using their new credit card. In particular, it tempts the prospect with a few details on how their member status will improve. An image of the card runs alongside the copy. It mentions that even more benefits exist than those listed.

The Takeaway
Use a large image in email to grab the prospect’s attention, especially when it directly supports your message.

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