A Truly Fond Farewell

After nearly seven years at North American Publishing Company and three years at Direct Marketing IQ, I am taking a new job at Rodale Inc. as Executive Director of Direct Books. It’s a job tailor-made for me, as it combines my direct marketing acumen with my lengthy experience in the health and fitness publishing field.

While I’m jazzed about my future at Rodale, I will miss DMIQ and NAPCO — and all the great people that made it possible. Beginning at Inside Direct Mail as Editorial Director, it’s been an exciting journey; continuing on to creating Direct Marketing IQ (including the online marketing bookstore) and re-launching Who’s Mailing What! Despite sizable challenges and some obstacles, we built a new successful brand, online bookstore and state-of-the-art online platform for direct mail and email intelligence.

While these ventures were digital in nature, Direct Marketing IQ’s bread-and-butter remains the direct mail channel. Accordingly, the best-selling reports and books — including in the fundraising category — we’ve published continue to revolve around direct mail. Along the way, the direct mail education I received from wonderful, smart people like Peggy Hatch, Denny Hatch, Paul Bobnak, Pat Friesen, Alan Rosenspan and Hallie Mummert was both enjoyable and invaluable.

Then there those many people who I simply loved to work with, whether on e-newsletter or magazine issues, books or reports, webinars or virtual shows, social media or videos: Melissa Ward, Ambrose Crenshaw, Kathy Kling, Emily Poster, Al Feuerstein, Heather Fletcher, Joe Boland, Joe Keenan, Drew James, Thorin McGee, Melissa Campanelli, Patty Perkins, Dani Cantor, Jesse Eaton, John Gelety, Caroline Farley, Margaret Battistelli-Gardner, Alexis Henderson, Sheree Robinson, Stephanie Nuzzo. We did some great work together, and I’ll miss you all.

Fortunately, this is not a never-see-you-again goodbye. Instead, I look forward to being a future guest expert for DMIQ, whether it’s a virtual show session or webinar. And my family and I will blessedly remain in the City of Brotherly Love.

I hope my work has served the DMIQ audience well. It’s sincerely been an honor and a pleasure. Rest assured, you’re in great hands with Peggy, Paul, Melissa, Kathy and the rest of the gang!

Cheers to all!