Chrome Industries’ Email Illustrates a Product Upgrade

This email proves that selling an upgraded product requires more than a simple explanation.

Mailer Name: Chrome Industries
Date Mailed: January 25, 2016

chrometopemThe subject line used here doesn’t explain much: “Stay Dry”. “The Storm Cobra 2.0’s got you covered,” the pre-header adds. Opening the email reveals the Storm Cobra 2.0, a new version of a jacket sold by the company.

Chrome sells durable products, like messenger bags an apparel, to people who live, work, and ride in the city. It calls its jacket “the ultimate urban riding shell,” and uses a paragraph to extol its virtues for anyone on a bike. The tweaked design allows both greater mobility as well as visibility to the rider. And yes, its “three-layer waterproof” fabric will keep him dry. Because “every detail” has been updated, a single call to action button, labeled “STAY DRY,” lets the customer begin their order.

chromenextemHowever, the next block down goes into more detail to sway skeptical customers. It does so by showing the jacket lying flat with a few details called out. This allows Chrome to demonstrate, for example, the size of the “helmet-compatible hood,” to cyclists. And below, jackets in three of the available colors line up.

The Takeaway
Don’t just explain why your product upgrade features work well – show why they are.