Coca-Cola Creates Emoji for Social Marketing Campaign

Coca-Cola is trying to cash in on the emoji craze. The soft drink brand has partnered with Twitter to test the effectiveness of the quirky pictograms in advertisements on the social network.

In the form of a paid ad on Twitter, an emoji of two Coke bottles toasting shows up in a tweet when users share the hashtag #ShareaCoke.


The hashtag, including an emoji, is part of a campaign package only offered to big-name brands that have already committed a portion of their marketing budget to Twitter. According to MarketWatch, Twitter worked with Coca-Cola for six months on the project and is currently in talks with 10 other big-name companies. When asked, Coca-Cola declined to answer just how much the company spent on the emoji marketing package.

Other brands such as Burger King, Victoria’s Secret, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Houston Rockets have all seen success with adding digital stickers to their marketing campaigns with the help of Snaps, a startup designed to help advertisers and publishers navigate marketing within mobile messaging and using pictures over words.

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