Cohen Children’s Hospital Engages Parents With Direct Mail

A children’s hospital engages parents with direct mail that includes helpful and reassuring content.

Mailer Name: Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Date Mailed: December 2016

Cohen Children's Hospital direct malBased in New Hyde Park, New York, Cohen Children’s Medical Center is part of Northwell Health. It positions its 16-page direct mail magazine, Kids First, as a community resource in several ways.

First, it includes a heavy dose of content. Topics covered in its 10 articles range widely, from bullying and kidney failure to vaccinations and babysitting preparation.

Cohen Children's Hospital direct mailThe cover story is about Kyra Barnes, a 10-year old girl from Long Island who developed strange symptoms and pain. The article relates her struggle, and that of her family and caregivers, to understand what was happening to her.

She was able to get back to a more normal life after she was diagnosed, and treated for, an autoimmune disorder.

Second, many of these stories star the hospital’s own physicians and staff members. Their role in helping children and their families in dealing with their health challenges helps to establish trust by parents.

You can get a free PDF of this direct mail package, as well as a more in-depth analysis, courtesy of Who’s Mailing What!

The Takeaway
Print can help you tell powerful stories as part of a content strategy that, over time, builds credibility.

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