How The Container Store’s Mail Gets Customers Packing

A brand known primarily for storage solutions sent out a direct mail brochure with a slightly different focus.

Mailer Name: The Container Store
Date Mailed: May 2016

containers_01The Container Store sells items like boxes, shelves, and racks to assist customers in organizing their lives. In this case, that help centers on products “that make your travels a breeze.” The front cover shows several pieces of luggage below the headline. “First Class TRAVEL SALE,” it announces, adding, “(at coach prices).”

containers_02The five inside spreads show various large luggage items in different settings. Examples include an airport waiting area, a curbside, and a hotel hallway. Smaller pieces like garment bags and seatback organizers are also displayed. And, a tagline, “See this product in action” designates which ones have their own demonstration videos on the company website.

One spread zeroes in on the Eagle Creek Pack-It System, offered at 20% off. A paragraph describes the benefits of using this set of travel articles, like saving space, and much more. “You never look like you’re living out of a suitcase,” it claims. The layout shows how the items go together when packed into a suitcase. For further help, there’s also a reminder of an instructional video.

To further increase customer engagement, the mail piece promotes two contests. One, based at the company’s blog, asks readers to check out tips and stories from travel experts. They can add comments and provide their own tips to enter the sweepstakes. The other contest dangles a $400 prize in exchange for hashtagging and showing one’s own travel bag on social media.

The Takeaway
When focusing on a specific product category, enhance the reader’s experience and build confidence by providing useful content.