Content Team Hates Numbers? Here’s How to Get Them to Care

content marketingAll marketers benefit from knowing the impact of their efforts. For content marketers — who either don’t care about the numbers or don’t know how to measure them — it’s critical to get in touch with the data around the written material they create.

But how do you get your content-focused marketing team to start thinking about data? After all, they probably gravitated toward writing because they weren’t fans of numbers in the first place. Well, here are three ways to cross the bridge between content and results.

Give a Crash Course on Google Analytics
Whether your team is writing blog posts, site content or even guest posts on other publications, it’s a good time to familiarize everyone with Google Analytics. The more everyone knows how to use it, the more everyone will care how the articles perform.

Have Everyone Brush Up on SEO
The general rule for any of the content you write is that you do it for the reader, not the search engines. But it’s hard to ignore the important role that SEO plays in content strategy. You want what you write to be discovered, and to be found well after you originally post it. Getting your content team familiarized with basic SEO principles and encouraging them to track their posts’ rankings will be validating, and will let them know the impact of their work.

Aim for Social Engagement and Article Comments
While analytic tools give an idea of how many people see the content, social engagement and comments are a way of telling whether people actually enjoyed it. Write to encourage interaction with readers. Comments, likes, shares, retweet, and upvotes are all measurable data points that make for successful content marketing.

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Chad Reid is the director of communications for JotForm, a San Francisco-based online form-building platform. Reach him at

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