#ContentBattleground Plays Fair, Gives Tips

content marketingContent marketing may sometimes feel like a struggle to marketers, but a Twitter chat on Thursday went straight for hyperbole and called itself #ContentBattleground. In the chat organized by San Mateo, Calif.-based content performance marketing software provider BrightEdge, marketers, consultants and chatters provided content marketing tips.

“With brands opening microsites, producing how-to videos and even opening their own publishing houses, content marketing has never been more prevalent — and essentially more competitive,” writes Erik Newton on Aug. 31 for BrightIdeas, the BrightEdge Blog. “As more and more brands invest in content, the landscape becomes increasingly crowded: a true content battleground.”

Newton says the chat was slated to increase awareness about content marketing before the Sept. 21 to 23 digital marketing conference, presented by BrightEdge, takes place in San Francisco.

Meanwhile on Thursday, chatters tweeted the following:

Q2: Why has content marketing become a billion dollar industry? #ContentBattleground

A2: Content is consumed 24-7 and in more media platforms than ever. Currently, the demand is for mobile content. #contentbattleground

A2: Simple answer, there is SO much money to be made by being seen as the thought leader in a space #contentbattleground

A2 Don’t forget the growing awareness that great content is also now essential to #seo #contentbattleground

A2 Content crosses all consumer channels – social has enabled amplification of that content #contentbattleground

Q4: How can you tell if your content is performing? How do you define “successful content”? #ContentBattleground

A4 1/2: Success requires definition. Know your objectives, then figure out how to measure them. #contentbattleground

A4 (2/2): Successful content drives customer engagement which delivers towards your specific business goals. #contentbattleground

A4. Content that’s performing is driving tangible business results including traffic, conversions & revenue. (1/3) #contentbattleground

A4. Great content converts and is linked to wins! Personalized converts 42% better. #ContentBattleground @bizible

A4/2: ROI is important so depends on the objectives we need monitor carefully from a post to $ values: #contentbattleground

A11. #ContentBattleground, I love this: “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – Doug Kessle. Important

A11: 2/2 Know what channel your users use & focus there. There’s no point being on Instagram if your users aren’t there #contentbattleground

A11: Email is more measurable. Social is more engaging. And SEO is best for discoverability. #contentbattleground

Focus on answering Q’s your target audience/customers are asking. This builds trust @amberlydressler #ContentBattleground

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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