4 Ways to Address Marketing Evils With Preemptive Copy

Marketing evils are the barriers that stand between your customer and her decision to buy from you. They create skepticism toward your product.

Today’s marketing evils include:

  • Economic crisis
  • Recession
  • Competition
  • Legal and regulatory changes
  • Budget cuts
  • Unemployment

When money is tight, fear of making a poor purchasing decision is high. Prospects will question what you say and raise more objections that prevent them from buying.

Don’t ignore the worries, fears and concerns that are plaguing your prospects. Instead, use preemptive copy to address and overcome prospects’ skepticism.

Well-executed copy for this recession (and a possible period of stagflation in the near future) will do the following four things:

  1. Address and dismiss your prospects’ objections.
  2. Demonstrate how your product solves their most pressing problems.
  3. Explain why your product is absolutely necessary—even in an economic downturn—and why it’s in your prospects’ best interest to buy now.
  4. Clearly demonstrate why an alternative choice is not going to cut it.

Tip: Ask yourself these questions: Do I feel that the writer cares about me and understands my problems? Why should I respond now or later? Do I still have objections?

Addressing these evils and explaining why your product overcomes them will boost your response. Likewise, ignoring these evils will depress your response.

Craig A. Huey is president of Creative Direct Marketing Group, a direct response agency based in Los Angeles. He can be reached at (310) 212-5727.

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