#dads: Why Mobile Men of a Certain Age Matter

WrenchesShhhh, don’t speak now, you might scare it away. Behold, the majestic dad, in his native environ: grilling in the backyard, wearing cargo shorts, perhaps a sweatshirt tied around his waist. But wait, what’s this? A new evolutionary twist? Between flipping burgers, he’s checking his phone — on the hunt for something more advanced than simple nutrients.

A recent Infographic from Millennial Media and IAB is packed full of great stats about #mobile #dads — and how you can better adapt your marketing strategy to find them in the wild. While dads are consuming content pretty much exactly where you’d expect them to (automotive, home and garden, sports), there’s been a dramatic increase in less likely areas, such as fashion and style, travel and digital reading. Those three categories are going up by 61 percent, 51 percent and 35 percent, year-over-year, respectively.

Making things mobile-friendly is more important then ever, these days, and we’re not just talking #mobilepocalypse. Dads are getting in on the action, big time, and according to these numbers, we’re seeing a rise in the numbers of fathers using mobile devices as their purchasing path. It seems this new breed of dad is two times more likely to purchase gifts and up to four times more likely to buy things for their families.

2015: The summer of dad? Maybe, but summer is usually the easiest time to see dads in the wild. Perhaps this summer will be the one that has them eating out of your hand.

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

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