8 Key Takeaways for Personalized URLs

The most effective current demonstration of the offline-online marriage? Personalized URL (PURL) campaigns.

Why? First, because direct mail remains very visible, and it’s a part of the daily life of most Americans. Unlike other marketing avenues, such as billboards, TV commercials, radio spots and emails — which are all competing for prospects’ attention and loyalty — direct mail is the only channel that physically gets into people’s hands in their homes.

Second, a personalized URL placed on a direct mail piece maximizes the power of the internet for that medium. Sure, the old (the general URL) and the new (QR Codes and social media tags like Twitter and Facebook) internet representatives on that envelope or self-mailer have value, sometimes quite a bit, but the personalized URL gives the marketer the best opportunity for response and overall ROI.

Personalized URLs are explored in the complete report, “PURLs for Profit: Your everything-you-need-to-know guide to personalized URLs, including: Best Practices on why they work, campaign strategy, multichannel creative, analytics, and 10 Case Studies.”

Here are eight takeaways presented in the best practices portion of the report.
Tracking your prospects and how they’re responding, such as what part of the landing page they’re using, is fundamental to PURL success. It’s what sets up lead nurturing programs and up-sell opportunities.

To read more about personalized URL best practices, as well as 10 comprehensive PURL case studies for such industries as retail, fundraising, publishing, financial services, restaurant service, software and conferences, click here.

Ethan Boldt is the chief content officer of DirectMarketingIQ, the research division of the Target Marketing Group and publisher of special reports, how-to guides and books for the direct marketing industry. He can be contacted at eboldt@napco.com

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