Drip Marketing: 3 Essentials to Increasing Leads and Sales

Do you know the Direct Marketing Association says a prospect needs to see/hear your message three times to recognize you and a minimum of nine times to make a purchase from you? Do you also know an estimated 70 percent to 90 percent of leads generated by marketing never receive follow-up from sales, according to MarketingSherpa?

It’s no surprise, then, that companies are continuing to understand and embrace the importance of drip marketing. Because all leads are not ready to close right away and many require further nurturing, drip campaigns allow you to consistently “touch” leads with relevant information—based on time intervals, actions taken by those prospects on your website, or other parameters—ultimately freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects. However, while the benefits of increased lead conversion rates—shorter and more effective sales cycles, and better qualified leads—are simple to understand, implementing a drip campaign isn’t always as easy.

If you are looking to implement drip marketing campaigns, consider the following best practices in three key areas: paid search, user registration and email marketing.

Quality score is truly the love/hate relationship of paid search. Sometimes I reminisce about the old days, when you could simply outbid competitors to see in what position a PPC ad converted best. Unfortunately, the result of this model was click fraud. So search engines introduced “quality score” to prevent click fraud and make sure their searchers only saw the most relevant ads for their search terms.

Quality score has many determining factors, all of which are weighted differently, but include:

  • Length of time the advertising account has been open
  • Amount spent on advertising
  • Landing page relevance
  • PPC bids
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)

These are just a few of the known pieces of how the quality score spider/algorithm evaluates paid search campaigns, but a desire to improve quality score is one reason to invest in a PPC management tool.

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