Dynamic Video Retargeting Is All the Buzz

Over the past several years, retargeting initiatives on platforms including Facebook, Google AdWords, Criteo and Adroll have proven to be important strategic assets for advertisers. Since then, dynamic retargeting has taken over and has superseded generic retargeting as the go-to medium. Now, advertisers are able to re-target consumers with individual products that consumers have purchased before.

Moreso, advertisers continue to rely more heavily on video to target prospects than ever before. One groundbreaking development to date has been that of dynamic video retargeting. The benefit of dynamic video retargeting is that it already has all of the strategies and tools available from dynamic marketing, and it applies them with dynamic video remarketing by gaining maximum traction from the video appeal. It is bolstered by a greater degree of personalization, for maximum immersion, and has a 20 to 100 percent advantage over generic retargeting.

Even social media giant Facebook has done an about-turn and now focuses on advertising and video-based content. Nowadays, advertisers and end-users can experience the “new” Facebook, complete with video retargeting. Currently, video is primarily available in video banners on the one hand and pre-rolls/mid-rolls/post-rolls on the other.

Banner Wars

The industry currently uses just two types of banners:

  • Static: text- and image-based
  • Dynamic: animated

Traditional banners like these are often associated with poor performance. The sheer glut of traditional banners has erased their efficacy with users. Now, they are perceived as a distraction, and something to be avoided rather than an effective advertising tool. As a result, conversion rates with traditional banners are minimal.

Advertisers have been seeking solutions to what has become known as banner blindness. Fortunately, the advent of video banners has proven to be an effective counter. The effectiveness of video banners lies in their dynamism. They are immersive, interactive and appealing when done right. As such, users are less likely to ignore video banners. Further, video banners have the capacity to introduce authenticity to users in the form of stories and content.

Tal Rubenczyk is the CEO of Treepodia, a leading company in personalized video marketing solutions. He is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Celebros, where he headed the marketing division for more than seven years. Under his leadership Celebros grew to become one of the leading international vendors of search and navigation solutions. Tal brings his e-commerce knowledge, international marketing experience and networking connections all of his endeavors.

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