Email ‘Beats Just About Everything for ROI’

Mobile emailEmail marketing is basically the king of ROI, finds eMarketer this morning.

“Respondents to an April 2015 survey indicated that email alone accounted for as much in revenues as all other types of digital advertising combined,” according to today’s article.

Those other efforts include social media, display and website marketing.

“Among client-side marketers, organic search was rated higher,” finds eMarketer. “But email was still the No. 2 channel, with 66 percent support.”

eMarketer research

Channels included in the ROI study were: email, SEO, content marketing, paid search, offline direct marketing, mobile, social and affiliate.

In January, New York-based Experian Marketing Services released the “2014 Q3 Email Benchmark Report,” which was filled with tips on how marketers can improve their email efforts:

  • Marketers can harness data on holiday shoppers and convert them into year-long customers.
  • “Focus on deliverability and data quality to effectively reach customers.” Perform data hygiene on the list, while trying to reactivate unresponsive subscribers.
  • Use triggers to engage customers. “Birthday emails enjoy three times the transaction rate of regular, promotional mailings (.09 percent compared to .03 percent, respectively). While 76 percent of brands collect customers’ birth dates, only 35 percent of brands run birthday email programs,” reads the research.
  • Coordinate messaging in all channels “to deepen brand-to-customer relationships over time.”

Do marketers agree with this finding?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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