Email: Procter & Gamble’s Coupon Wallet

There are lots of ways to get coupons for your trip to the grocery store, including email, as in this recent effort.

Mailer Name: Procter & Gamble
Date Emailed: May 27, 2016

PGTopEMPaper coupons, especially manufacturer’s coupons, are an essential part of shopping for millions of people. Newspaper free-standing inserts (FSIs) have long provided the most traditional path for clipping coupons. Maybe they’re not glamorous, but they still drive the vast majority of coupon redemptions.

For now, that is.

Procter & Gamble reached out to members of its P&G Everyday program with an email that centers on providing digital coupons.  The subject line is enticing enough: “[FName], save up to $90 with new coupons.”

The headline at the top of the HTML, though, promises that “There’s an easier way to save.” The image shows a customer using their phone to add “clipped” coupons to their store’s loyalty card. Clicking on it leads to a page where the program member can log in, register their supermarket card with P&G, and then begin to add coupons to the store card.

PGNextOneEMBelow a virtual scissors-and-dotted-line are options that segment the coupons by product group: “Beauty,” “Home,” “Health & Wellbeing,” and “Family Life.” Some customers are more comfortable with good ‘ol paper. By clicking through any of these, they can add individual coupons to their “basket”, then print them all on a sheet or two of paper for their grocery store visit.

The Takeaway
People will always want to save money, but take (or create) an opportunity to offer more personalized choices for customers.