Estate of Designer Tony Duquette Sues J. Crew Over Sweater’s Pattern Design

Speaking of J. Crew, as we were in the post prior, they’re the latest in these recent flood of fashion design-based lawsuits in April. The Daily Mail reports that the estate of designer Tony Duquette has filed suit against the clothing retailer for copying the deceased designer’s “signature” leopard prints. While lawsuits over patterns and prints seem to happen every day (we even posted about Coach suing Jo-Ann Fabrics over this same issue just this past week), J. Crew might find itself in a particular bind after directly referring to the original designer by name by calling the offending piece the “Duquette Leopard Print Sweater.” As the paper reports, the company has since changed the item’s name, though how substantially that will fix things with the lawsuit seems slim. And J. Crew isn’t the first to be sued by the Duquette estate. Readers will recall that Michael Kors was also on the receiving end two years ago after using the designer’s name and similar patterns.