Facebook Live and Healthcare Marketers Should Be ‘In a Relationship’

healthcare marketing on Facebook LiveMarketers who want to humanize healthcare should use Facebook Live, argues Dave Wieneke in his Econsultancy.com post yesterday.

“Combining the personal connections of Facebook with the personal engagement of video is more than a bright shiny object,” writes the leader of digital strategy at ISITE Design. “It’s a bright idea.”

More Patients Will Consume Video Than Articles

In a previous post, Wieneke says more consumers watch the movie than those who read the book.

Here’s what he says about healthcare marketing yesterday:

“Back in 2009, I semi-ironically wrote that ‘writing Web copy is for suckers.’ And while I’m still both believing and ignoring my own advice, there’s no doubt that video provides an immediacy, durability and reality that reaches beyond words on a page.”

Wieneke cites this research regarding patients liking video more than online writing

Also, Facebook is where potential patients are and it’s a platform they trust, and a high level of trust is essential for healthcare marketing, Wieneke says.

What’s More Human Than a Rapping Doctor?

So seeing an MD being an MC may not be what the doctor ordered, but it is the rhyme the physician spit. And this one is more for hospital-to-doctor marketing.

This, ahem, physician training video had nearly 2 million views as of yesterday afternoon.

But chances are, very few patients would understand jokes like this one below the video: “This R&B parody anthem is clinically proven to lower readmission rates. But it’s R. Kelly, so please don’t ask for a ‘p’ value.”

Despite this humor, the rapper does get serious at the end of the video, removing his shades.

“Seriously, he says, “let’s just prevent readmission.”

Everyone’s Doing It

“The Mayo Clinic, UNC Healthcare, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and others are live-streaming community outreach events like ‘ask a doctor’ sessions, lectures, medical procedures, fundraisers and guided tours,” he says.

Here’s what CHOW’s doing:

What do you think, healthcare marketers?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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