Feeling Stupid? 21 Creative Ideas [Infographic]

At first glance, I thought the Entrepreneur infographic was asking me “Feel Stupid?” Why, yes, creative types often do feel stupid, I thought. Then I looked again and it turns out the infographic has a far more polite way of asking marketers about their status. “Feeling Stumped?”

The infographic created by Lemonly, actually titled “21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius” takes a look at that number of ways to brainstorm when feeling flummoxed. Here they are, in the random order of a chaotic mind:

  • Question Everything. Marketers can test campaigns and programs and find ideas.
  • Be a Copycat. Here’s where the infographic uses adorable kitties, which marketers can pet while contemplating how to “build on the classics.”
  • Think Like a Genius. What would a genius do? That’d be an odd armband. What color would it be?
  • Write It Down. The stupid idea from that brainstorm may turn out to be brilliant later.
  • Ask Three People. Journalists often need three sources, preferably with opposing viewpoints. “New perspectives build new approaches,” the infographic says. Did I just say that?
  • Practice, Practice. Constant deadlines cause constant work products. Or, as Entrepreneur prefers to say it, “Daily, consistent work unlocks genius.” OK. Or it unlocks articles like this.
  • Daydream and Doodle. Because (it’s) fun. And “because fun” results in an energized mind that thinks up solutions. Or, as Entrepreneur says, “Let yourself play and discover.”
  • Say ‘Maybe.’ “Be open to possibility.”
  • Focus. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none. Listen to your mother! Or, listen to Entrepreneur, “Master one thing, not everything.”
  • Make Small Bets. “Take hills first, not mountains.” Don’t boil the ocean. Try to come up with as many cliches as possible to amuse yourself …
  • Pick the Worst Idea. Remember the “Write It Down” tip?
  • Unplug. “Rest fosters new connections.”
  • Start Over. Embrace the blank page.
  • Don’t Wait. Rip off the Band-Aid! Know that it’s capitalized because it’s a brand name! Use exclamation points because, as Entrepreneur says, you need to “Be deliberate, but decisive!” [Exclamation point added in the quote.]
  • Look Outside Your Industry. “Learn what others can teach.”
  • Reset Goals. “What do you really want?”
  • Imagine Distance. “Psychological distance boosts creativity.” Also, the infographic has an archer next to this tip. Maybe imagine being an archer? Or watching the cartoon “Archer”?
  • Forget Perfect. “Act more, judge less.”
  • Get Moving. “Walks boost creative thinking.”
  • Be Silent. Mmmmph. <<<<<<< (That’s an imitation of being silent, with your mouth closed.) Try thinking.
  • Call a Friend. Or totally ignore the previous tip and gab away, because you need emotional support right now.

What else do marketers do to fill up that blank page?

Please respond in the comments section below.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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