Finding Tomorrow’s Marketing Stars: 6 Questions With DMEF President Terri L. Bartlett

The U.S. education system has never been known for being ahead of the curve, and many marketers experience that first hand when they try to find new marketing grads with the skills they need in the new marketing world. How deep and well-stocked is the pool of young marketing talent today? Where should you be looking if you want to find the next Brian Cowart, David Norton or Pegg Nadler? We asked Terri L. Bartlett, president of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF), what marketers can expect from today’s younger marketers, and how DMEF is trying to improve your chances of finding the skills your company needs.

Five years ago, DMEF introduced this award, presented to individuals 40 years of age and younger who are recognized as up-and-coming leaders in the field of direct and interactive marketing. What makes this award unique is that it honors business professionals who have achieved great success in business and are taking it one step further by generously giving back through mentoring, education and support of future generations.

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