First National Capital Corporation Gets an Email Marketing Boost

FNCC was able to personalize and target its emails, helping its $16,000 email marketing investment generate $70 million in revenues and $2 million in profits.

FNCC, a company specializing in project financing and equipment leasing, needed a cheap and easy solution to help manage its email marketing efforts. With a team of 20 sales representatives, FNCC was looking for a cost-effective solution that allowed its marketing team to send email campaigns on the sales team’s behalf with little interaction required between the two departments. Finding a solution proved to be somewhat of a challenge, as FNCC had limited in-house resources and marketing funds.

FNCC eventually settled on Pinpointe, an affordable B-to-B on-demand email marketing system solutions provider.

Pinpointe was able to provide FNCC with all the functionalities it needed for its email program, while also proving to be a cost-effective solution: It cost less than $16,000 for close to 18 months of usage. Pinpointe’s advanced segmentation and dynamic field insertion features enabled FNCC to create a template that’s used to send emails on behalf of their sales reps to clients, accounts and contacts.

Pinpointe’s solution also allowed every FNCC team member to include their personal email address and other contact information so prospects and customers can respond directly to the team member themself rather than marketing@ or sales@ email addresses.

FNCC also took advantage of Pinpointe’s tracking tool. Every FNCC email campaign is scheduled and deployed, then the open and clickthrough rates are closely monitored and tracked by one person on a part-time basis. The rates are quantified and measured to effectively determine return on investment, which has proved to be huge. FNCC’s $16,000 email marketing investment has lead to $70 million in revenues and $2 million in profits.

“Pinpointe has been a great business-to-business partner that has delivered over $2 million to the bottom line,” said Michael Curtis, vice president of sales and marketing, FNCC, in a company press release.

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